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Shashank Nagesh

I am a lifestyle enthusiast. I write & make videos about fitness, habits, productivity, relationships, & more...


The name Ravenhaul because ravens are extremely observant, playful, & smart birds who share & fly with freedom.

I will be publishing everything I find out (science backed concepts) about how to lead a healthier - happier - productive - life on this site. If you would like to know more about me, then read...

My Mission

Envisioning a movement

The core of my idea behind this project is to discover, analyze, execute, & share scientifically proven methodologies in the most simplest & fun way possible.

Most people just slide into procrastination most of the time. I can also understand how it can be hard to get over it. In the digital age, where only entertainment gets shared a lot more compared to anything else, here I am trying to make a change with my listicles and vlogs.

But to make a change of a global scale, we must start by influencing our immediate circle and then make our way out. One day, one vlog, one listicle at a time. I hope you have fun on this site, along with gaining some value. You can also find me on youtube and Instagram.


The real brain food

People love to procrastinate. They love watching videos that are pure entertainment & the ones that add no value. Come on we all are guilty of watching booty shaking keke do you love me videos.


...and the Journey begins.

The world of Science intrigues me to dig deeper to find out the best ways to lead a healthy & happy lifestyle.

Join me in my journey!

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